Friday, December 5, 2008

This quarter involved cropping and cataloging over 4,000 images for the archives. 1,500 of these were cropped portraits for the DVD cover art. The remaining 2,500 crops were of pictures, video, and art documented from 19 different collections across America. Once this was acheived, 117 DVD Covers were designed using the cropped portraits and archival footage.

Each DVD was then duped and printed, 6 per cover, 4 for the complete sets of the raw footage, 1 for the person interviewed for review, and one for each host location. They are ready to be mailed off to each location and respondent when $5,000 is raised to cover the mailing costs of communication with 548 respondents and 88 locations across America.

Over 1200 DVDs of interviews and
disability archival footage have been 
printedand are ready to be mailed 
to respondents for review.